Dan Gielow

Dan Gielow

Wealth Advisor

Living your life to your full potential becomes easier when you start stringing together smart decisions.  The more correct decisions you make the better your chances on fulfilling your dreams. 

At Decision Wealth we help coach our clients along this path.  No matter what your personal situation looks like we are here to help in so many ways. 

Our goal is to learn your personal situation, uncover your future goals and assess the risks you could potentially face down the road.  We will then devise a plan to help you pursue those goals, periodically evaluate that plan, and stand ready to make adjustments as you live out that plan. 

When we get together you will see that we speak in a language you can be easily understand.  We want you to have a clear understanding and be completely transparent regarding the markets and your investments and how they fit into your overall life plan.

We offer absolute clarity around fees.  We want you to understand how this works so there will be no confusion and you understand the value you are receiving from working with our firm. 

For our personal clients, and with your permission, we would like to be a resource for you in striving to pursue your non-financial goals as well.  This starts with us walking you through creating a life plan, one that identifies the “life accounts” most important to you. Examples of life plan accounts are:

  • Health account
  • Spiritual account
  • Key Relationships account
  • Charity account
  • Professional/Work account
  • Travel account
  • Friendship account


For our business clients we would like to work with you to develop and understand the vision you have for the long-term health of your business.  We also will help you develop a simple, yet smart business plan that involves establishing 90-day strategic plans that will help you pursue the vision and goals you have.

Dan has been in the financial services industry since 1989.  Over the course of these 30+ years he has developed a passion for helping see the folks he consults with grow and become more financially independent. 

All of this comes back to how we make decisions.   We believe that making the right decision will offer you the best opportunity to pursue your goals,  both personally, professionally and financially. 

At the same time, the choice to not decide, and wait, can often have the same results as making the wrong decision.  Not making a choice is still a decision.  

Outside of the office, Dan and his wife Kristen (a professional Business and Life Coach), enjoy their 4 kids and all their related sports, scouts, school activities and helping them make their own smart decisions.  Dan and Kristen are also very involved in local charities, their church and extended family.  In their free time they take the kids on camping trips which allows everyone to slow down and enjoy family time.  

“Without Trust There Can Be No Collaboration” –Dan Gielow