"Way of the Warrior Kid" Recommendation

"Way of the Warrior Kid" Recommendation

May 03, 2019

I want to share a great book suggestion with you.  


This book is like no other.  "Way of the Warrior Kid" written by an amazing Navy Seal, American hero and true Patriot.  Jocko Willink.  


I actually read this book, word by word, page by page, to my 3 oldest children 2 summers ago (Current ages 12, 9 and 9).  This book had a profound impact on them.  


The storyline:  Marc is in fifth grade.  He is not good at much.  He feels like he is not athletic so he stinks at gym class.  He has little confidence in other school subjects so his grades are struggling.  He can't swim.  Worst of all, there is a bully in his class who really seems to have it out for Marc.  Marc wakes up each day with no real plan and this leads to poor decision making and lower confidence and self-esteem.  


Marc had a unique opportunity to spend the summer with his Uncle Jake who is a Navy Seal.  This changed his life forever.   


Their relationship quickly grew into something special and Marc began the process of transforming his life into something special.  


He now he has a plan to help guide his decisions.  Best of all he feels great about himself knowing he has direction in his life.  


Once he started executing the plan, he became great at math and reading, he learned how to swim, he became one of the best in gym class and best of all, he befriended the bully to all of the other kid’s amazement.  


He just needed some guidance to transform his life and start making better decisions each day.  


This is what we do at Decision Wealth.  We help our clients begin the process of finding direction and setting goals regarding their financial lives.  This gives them confidence about the future.  


We help create a plan that is easy to understand and track.   Best of all, each plan we build is customized to each client’s wishes, dreams and personal goals.  


Just give us the chance to ask 10 simple questions.  We plug those answers into our powerful software and your customized retirement income roadmap can be created.  


No obligation.  No cost.  No commitment.  


Please make the decision to reach out to me today so we can help you create better focus on your retirement years.    


Thank you.